An Educator

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I feel I have always been a teacher, even before I entered the halls of where I call “work”. At the same time, I will never cease in being a learner.  So, in essence, I find myself to be more of a facilitator, mentor, or guide.

I currently am responsible for providing K-6 teachers and students innovative practices and STEM opportunities.  My newly created position, Academic Innovations and STEM Coordinator, is one that brings a lot of unknown, and I am excited to embark on a new leg of my journey. My employer, Harrison Twp School District, allows me many freedoms in creating an experience that is unique and applicable to the real world. I am lucky enough to work in an environment of highly motivated teachers and students.  They truly create their own successes and it is rewarding to see the growth they make in a short amount of time. Oh, I love Halloween as well!  I always try to make sure my costumes are relevant and one-of-a-kind for my students!

I also am self-employed as a private tutor.  I work with students of all ages, including the assistance in preparing for the dreaded SATs.  Tutoring has allowed me to become well-versed in a variety of curriculums that I usually do not teach.  Making myself aware of different grade level expectations has enhanced my approach in my own classroom.  With the assistance of certain digital programs, I provide my clients an experience that goes beyond a simple hour in the library.  This elevated level of service has brought me great success, and I look forward to expand  my private educational opportunities.