The organizations below are learning communities in which I have joined or plan to join in the relative future.  Educators can learn a lot from each other.  Thus far, I have been a consumer primarily, but I have commented on postings to share my experiences with particular programs or pedagogical concepts.  As I become more confident in my abilities as a digital leader, I plan to contribute in ways that motivate others.

Common Sense Media

This network allows for teachers and families to have access to digital citizenship lessons, videos, and articles. I have started referencing it for some of their lesson ideas and follow their blog postings. I like that I can guide parents to this organization as well to help them with the difficulties of raising a responsible digital learner. In regards to contributing to the site in the future, I think guiding families and students to the site is a form of contribution, for I am assisting in building responsible digital citizens.

Ed Web

What I love the most about Ed Web is the ability to follow specific topics or members. I have become colleagues with members of my graduate class and it becomes a way to share information with others. It is essentially a social media network with continuous updates on the things I am interested in like digital citizenship, game-based learning, or STEM. As I experiment with techniques in my classroom, I can document my evidence and share with colleagues!


The reason I consider this a learning network is due to the options it offers teachers. It provides How To’s, news articles, teacher blogs, trend tracking, and video tutorials. As a consumer, I have referenced this learning network numerous times in discussions and assignments. I will be able to comment and offer my experiences to articles I enjoy. Eventually, I can share my own ideas through postings.


This was the first learning network I officially participated in by commenting on blog posts within the community. It was interesting to receive an email from them congratulating me and telling me that the journey was just beginning. Edutopia provides educators resources and allows for members to post meaningful articles that are beneficial to others. I hope to begin to publish my own articles soon to gain respect within the community of established educators. My plan is to track my students progress with flipping techniques I will use and to see if there is evidence of improved skills in writing or comprehension.

International Society for Technology in Education

This organization offers free content, but it does require membership to access more valuable information. I plan to join this organization soon.

Read, Write, Think

This organization is unique because it offers classroom resources, professional development opportunities, and parents options to engage their children at home. I can see myself referencing this as a resource for parents who ask what else they can do for their child at home. I also have the option to become a writer for the site or a reviewer, which seems interesting!

Teaching Channel

Educators have found a place to share their experiences through blogs, lessons, and video tutorials. This organization offers amazing content and is free to join. I have already implemented a STEM lesson from their database on the brain and concussions. Without joining this network, I would not have seen a video demonstration of the lesson in action or have rights to the lesson plan!

Tech and Learning

Tech & Learning has been a network I have belonged to for 7 years. I receive their emails and newsletters daily which provide me valuable content. Their site also provides a platform for other technology and educational websites to link to. Their site offers a bit more hardware information with product review and educational possibilities.

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