Digital Citizenship: Week 5

EDLD 5316 is finally complete, and I am glad to have experienced this course on digital citizenship.  However, I must say that this course was the most taxing on my psyche and morale out of all the Lamar courses thus far.  My nights were consumed with readings or viewings and my weekends were lost with working on the excessive amount of assignments.  The assignments were certainly valuable and not overly difficult; however, the time away from my family has been difficult to handle.  Is it worth the sacrifice?  I hope so, for the amount of time that was dedicated to the dozens of assignments in this course was contradictory to the COVA model we have learned to love and model in our schools.  The information was valuable and I learned about the nine elements of digital citizenship (Ribble, 2015).  The text was helpful, but I found that everything was easily accessible online.  I likely could have saved myself a few dollars and not purchased both of the “required readings”.  Regardless, I will be placing both of the texts into the professional learning library I created in my district to help educate my staff about the importance of digital citizenship

I continue to model myself as a learner to my fellow administrators and staff members.  I brought up many of the factors discussed in class that we do not have in place in our district as it helps us prepare to become Future Ready.  We are working to incorporate our valuable librarians in the process to guarantee digital citizenship lessons are available for all of our learners, grades K-6.  Creating a mantra was not for myself, but for my district and this proved quite helpful in moving forward.  I think this was the least difficult, but I found it to be the most rewarding.  This will impact my entire district as we work to create a new brand.  Once again, this followed along with the theme that Curran (2012) found to be significant in creating a productive and safe learning environment.

An area that impacted me deeply and will follow me in my career and as a parent was the knowledge gained about cyber bullying. The term cyberbullying has been described as willful and repeated harm on an individual.  The key is that it is inflicted through the use of computers, cellular phones, and other forms of electronic communication (Hinduja & Patchin, 2015).  I feel I will be more aware of conversations, body language, and time spent on devices with my own children.  For that, I am quite thankful.

Moving forward, I think Lamar has a good course to adapt to the needs of working professionals who are accustomed to the COVA model.  As a guinea pig, I am fine with taking the course the way in which it was designed.  Yet, there are numerous things I feel I would remove from the requirements of the course.  First, I would recommend less open-ended essays and just use the projects as 100 point assignments.  The discussion board should also be 100 points at the end.  The 12 and 5 point assignments in this course seems frivolous and non-essential.  I also did not feel any connection with our Innovation Plan.  The professor was wonderful, but she never connected with what we are currently working on.  The timing of the course could possible be moved to the beginning of the program as it was informative in nature.  Has the course helped me?  Yes!  I want to get something out of all my courses, but for the future, I hope this course is looked at and altered to be a better representation of what the Digital Learning and Leading program has been.