Health and Wellness


I feel it is important to live a healthy lifestyle.  I attempt to lead by example for my own children and students.  Having a knowledge of all the activities my students participate in has allowed me to build connections with them and their families.  Whether it is soccer, parkour, or cheerleading, I make it a point to listen and learn.  Activity isn’t everything, my wife and I try out healthy recipes as often as possible.  Taking care of ourselves allows us the best opportunity to enjoy our time as a family.  I have most recently been drawn in by Crossfit.  It is something I was always eager to try, and now I am hooked.  My gym is Crossfit 1 Force and it has allowed me to learn new things about myself and push myself to become a better athlete and person.  I have competed in a few competitions and continue to do something that I had never done before.

With my love of fitness, I also have trained youth athletes in both speed and agility as well as strength training.  Some of my former athletes are currently playing collegiate sports and it is a rewarding feeling to know you were able to assist them in the process.  I also find the time to help out my local community.  I have participated in numerous 5k runs to promote fundraising for charities or my school.  Students love seeing their teacher participating in something they also have fun doing.  Brian Gray, a gym teacher at my school, has spearheaded Pleasant Valley Fit.  It started as a summer camp to promote health and wellness.  It has grown to an afterschool program and I have been lucky enough to coach students.  My goal is to provide them the tools to lead a healthy lifestyle.