A Reason to Fail

As I sit in the waiting room of my son’s rehabilitation center, I flashback to what brought me here. Carter, my 5.5 year old son was attached to many negatives when analyzing his fine motor and gross motor abilities.

Can he…? No. What about…? No. Will he…? No.

That was how a typical conversation would go down with his pediatrician or his early intervention therapists. Thankfully, Carter has a support system who believes in the power of “yet” and that he can overcome the obstacles of “can’t”. He is just a kid and has resilience and determination that smashes through his obstacles. He is just a kid and he has already experienced ridicule for how he acts or looks. He is just a kid and he has already failed at so many things. But, that’s why we get back up again. Right? My little boy inspires me each day to take risks and do things that I previously could not. I’m tackling challenges in my personal and professional life that I never thought I would touch with a 10 ft pole. Spending my winter break with him has allowed me to watch him build, draw, and read. All of these things were previously on his lists of “can’t”.

Some will say, well that’s part of growing up and development. I’m in agreement that children will mature and certainly change as they age; however, they need scaffolding and expectations to guide them in a positive and growth-minded direction. My challenge to everyone is to remove the notion that we stop growing and developing. Whether you are an educator, student, or adult of any occupation, you need to fail. You need to grow and find your support system even if you don’t think one exists. Carter’s life can still shift in any direction, but our goal as a family is to encourage him to take risks and learn from success and failure. If we want change, we need to be the change. I’m glad to have a child that drives me to do just that. #DoersDo

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