Keep it simple. Keep it short.  I work in an awesome environment.  I want to applaud the teachers and support staff so they can see how much the administration, students, parents, and community appreciate them.  Easiest way to do that?  Keep it simple. Keep it short. Twitter limits myself and the inspiration behind this, AnnaLisa Rodano, to 140 characters.  Keep it simple.  Keep it short.  We have 180 days of school in NJ, so we will use each day to sing praise for our staff.  Each tweet will include our hashtag, #180brags.    Please follow @MrFlexon, @annalisa_rodano, and @HTWPSchools for the amazing things our teachers are doing in Harrison Twp.  #keepitsimple #keepitshort #180brags #pvslearns #htslearning

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