Blogging from the Beach

I’m sitting here, 2:14pm on a Sunday while at Bethany Beach, DE.  We take our vacations at the end of August to make starting school and going back to work feel extra painful.  I said I wasn’t going to work digitally this week.  Luckily for me, I don’t find my website or blog as work.   It’s become part of my life.   

I packed along a few books, Brick by Brick and Wonder, to educate and entertain myself.   While sitting alone under my massive tent (my kids are crashing at the house and I’m manning the beach plot till their return), I quickly realized that I like writing when I’m inspired.  I sometimes chastise too much social media usage, like who needs to see every meal I eat on vacation….BUT, maybe that is how someone expresses their enjoyment.  It just happens and they are motivated to create a memory. I don’t want to Tweet this week, but I liked a few things my colleagues shared.  I retweeted something, and thought about deleting it as if I compromised my vacation.   Then, I realized, this is who I am now.  I’m “always learning” and it’s okay to unplug for 24 hours and then post a pic on Instagram if you want.  I scan the beach and I see kids playing, grandparents smiling, and mostly everyone engaged in a conversation.  I also see tons of readers!  I don’t see too many people on their phones, but those that are on their devices are capturing moments. Moments that when I was a kid were rarely photographed.   Technology has its pros and cons, but blogging from my phone right now to share perspective is certainly one I couldn’t have imagined a few years ago.  I likely won’t have a moment to write again on this trip and I’m happy to say I hope I won’t.   Writing/blogging should come from the heart and saying that makes me think of our students and how much work we ask them to produce.  So, think about that when you assign that piece or written response.  If the kids aren’t inspired or choosing when and what to write, how great of a product can you expect?

Signing off from the beach. 

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