Blogging from the Basement

This summer (what summer) has flown by like we typically say, especially those who are preparing for a new round of students.  This is my second summer without the joy of anxiously awaiting a class list.  Yet, the amount of fun I am having in my position makes it all worth it.  There is never enough time, but as an administrator, I have been working either in our transforming buildings or from home.  Pepper in some awesome time with my family, and you find yourself staring down 15 days till your son begins Kindergarten.  My post today is nothing special, rather an update on a few things happening at work and home.

  • I ripped apart a former library, dubbed the TRC (The Resource Center).  A visitor last year called it the graveyard, and I agreed.  Books and binders went there to die.  Why are we keeping this stuff!?  So, I took matters into my own hands (and arms) (thankfully not my back) and took apart the view-blocking bookcases.  Our awesome VP, ELA Coordinator, and a fearless 2nd grade teacher helped me clean out the space.  A dozen trash cans later and we had a nice foundation to start with.  We stocked the space with some awesome materials and my partner in crime and I moved our “desks” there to be present and available.  We are hoping to be awarded some grant money like we were in our other building.
  • That other building, known as PVS,  is getting painted tomorrow by another team of administrators (and some of their children).  We received a $5,000 grant from Lowes to transform our Design Studio.  With September approaching, we are pitching in to assist our busy custodial staff to assure the space looks completely different, inviting, and downright awesome.  I am excited for some of the features we are adding and there will certainly be a separate blog post about the obstacles we faced to get the job done.
  • As the title of the post states, I am blogging from the basement of my in-laws.  It is going great.  The hardest part is waking up in the morning as the darkness (abyss) of our bedroom plays tricks on the mind.  My kids love that they get to share a room and I couldn’t be more grateful for the accommodations my in-laws have made for us.  We moved for our children, mostly so my son could begin Kindergarten in the community we hope to stay in when we find the “forever home”.  I cannot believe he is heading to school.  I am excited to see what he experiences and hope to continue to see him overcome some of the difficulties he faces.  He truly is the sweetest boy and loves to learn and use his imagination.  His tough as nails, drama driven sister will also begin preschool this fall.  I cannot wait for her to get a dose of reality!  She is as sharp as a tack and quick as a whip, but authority isn’t something she quite grasps yet as a 3 year old.
  • The upcoming few weeks will be gone before I know it.  We take a vacation next week, and then it is go time.  I have a few great things to look forward to.  First, I am awaiting a date for publication about our work with Student Edcamps.  Next, I told my wife today we need to get new passports (mine expired).  The reason?  Well, hopefully so I can take her on a vacation sooner than later without the kids.  But, also, I aim to apply to become a Google Innovator and the upcoming academy locations are in Sweden or Brazil.  I need to narrow down my many ideas to create an innovation project.  Hopefully, I can apply what I learned through my Master’s program (diploma in the mail) to the situation.

Signing off from the basement.

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