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There’s a First Time for Everything

A few weeks ago I earned my (1st) Master’s Degree in Digital Learning and Leading.  It brought my blog some serious reflections.  That being said, there is never time to celebrate and feel like things will just fall into your … Continue reading

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The Capstone of the Foundation

The best part of my journey is that this will not be my last blog post.   I know a few topics about my summer work will be dropping in the next few weeks, and that alone demonstrates the power … Continue reading

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A Loss for Words

I don’t know if I am coming, going, halfway there, digging a hole, or building something special.  I have pushed myself to overcome many deadlines and expectations over the last 18 months.  In the end, or what we can temporarily … Continue reading

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The Unpredictable Blueprint to Innovation

In November 2015,  I decided that I wanted to try and work toward an increase in my teaching salary to help provide for my family. The decision was simple, and I was making this choice with intentions to remain a … Continue reading

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